Wednesday, August 11, 2010

lotsa camping, part 1 of 5

I've been a bit lax on blog postings because we were gone for 4 weekends in a 6 week period. We've been home for a few weekends now, but my brother, Lawrence, and his family have been in town visiting, so things haven't quite slowed down yet! More on that in a future post...

So, I found a minute to post about our camping mis-adventures with our new trailer. I've split it up into a 5-part series. Otherwise, it would be one long-a$$ post!

Camping has been a blast! Our sleeping arrangements have been a bit odd because we've given Avery the "bedroom" since she's still in her playpen. That will likely change next summer, but for now, it's easiest.

So, our first camping trip after our May long weekend inaugural trip was to a place called Camperland in Bridal Falls. We went there because, when we bought our trailer, we were given a free weekend there. All we had to do was take part in a sales pitch to try to get us to buy into a sort of "camping timeshare" at their collection of RV Parks (I know, freaking hilarious!). But it wasn't a big deal to sit in the talk for a free weekend of RVing!

We invited my girlfriend, Vangie, and her daughter, Skye, along with us. It was a fun weekend! Bridal Falls hosts the Bridal Falls Water Park and DinoTown (closing forever on September 6th!). The RV park also had a pool and a playground for the kids. But, we were in such close proximity to the tenters at the RV park, that Josh met many friends to play with and he rather enjoyed hanging around the campsite, playing with his friends!

Josh and Skye went to the water park on Saturday morning until Josh's naptime. Josh had a blast with Skye. At 11-years-old, Skye was very responsible, taking him to the warm ("pee") pool and going down some kiddie slides. In fact, Skye did a better job than I did because when Josh went down the waterslide with me, we went a wee bit faster than Josh and Skye did. So when we got to the bottom, Josh got freaked out by going under water and he was too scared to do some of the bigger slides after that! He still had loads of fun going down the smaller slides. When he went for his nap, Skye and I took the opportunity to go to the "big-kid" slides. We had some good old competitive fun on the inner tube slide and I had sore neck and shoulder muscles for a few days after to prove it!

It started raining late Saturday afternoon, but it cleared up long enough for us to have a campfire Saturday evening. It rained again overnight and into Sunday morning. The rain gave us a good chance to see how we would make out in the wet weather and all was OK! There wasn't much to do, but we weren't miserable and climbing the walls with boredom either!

Before we left on Sunday, we stopped at Dinotown. Josh quite enjoyed it, but, truthfully, I can see why it is closing forever on September 6th! I'm glad we went so we can at least say we went to Dinotown! Vangie took the photos at the water park and Dinotown, so there are none in the collage of photos at the end of this series.

Stay tuned for Part 2...


Erin Rogers said...

Glad you guys are having so much fun with camping this year! Saw the Dinotown closing sign on the way to Vernon. We didn't make it out there. Oops! Maybe Drumheller next year will make up for it. :-)

Gary Wong said...

Well I guess if I shelled out for a luxoliner I'd spend every weekend in it too, especially since it has AC...kinda like my camp in Mexico. :D