Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Out of the blue, coming home from swimming tonight:

J: How come people, like Daddy, try to not sneeze?
Y: What do you mean?
J: When they need to sneeze, they go like this (puts his arm up in front of his nose/mouth area and stifles a sneeze into his arm).
Y: Wow.  Good question, Josh.  I don't know.  I never try to hold back a sneeze (it's true) because sneezes feel good.  If my nose is itchy and I sneeze, I feel better after I sneeze.  Don't you think so?
J: Yeah.
(pregnant pause)
J: I tried to hold back a sneeze today.  In the playground at recess.  I put my arm up and went like this (does the same action as before).  It hurt my nose to hold back my sneeze.  That's why I want to know why people do it.

Funny how asking a question with a seemingly obvious answer makes the answer seem less obvious once the question is asked!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

april showers bring...

...lots of photos, apparently!

I've recently learned that Aves loves flowers.  She is constantly pointing them out everywhere!  She can easily identify tulips; every pink tree is a cherry blossom and every white tree is a dogwood.

Everytime we are out and about and she sees colourful flowers, she asks me to take a picture.  I don't know why, but I haven't been indulging her.  It just feels like if I started down that path, I will have an iPhone full of photos of flowers!

Today, her and I went out for a stroll to the Skytrain station.  I knew she would likely ask me to take pictures of flowers, so I decided to bring her V-Tech camera along.  As we started out, I handed her the camera and told her that she could now take her own pictures.

She was very excited by this and told me she was going to take pictures of pretty flowers AND pretty leaves.  So here is Aves' very first photo journal (unedited) of her walk to the Skytrain station.