Wednesday, January 31, 2007

baby yoga

This is my Cobra pose
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Check out some of the photos we've taken over the past month in my Flickr account.  Here's a shot of Josh doing some baby yoga...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

it takes one to know one

Now that I am a mom, I have a new appreciation for moms. Now, I'm not saying that I never appreciated my mom, but I think that I understand my mom more now. I think I also have a better understanding of what it means to be a mom now too - not really because I'm a mom to Josh, but because I've seen the way my mom and Brian's mom have helped me as a new mom.

My mom and dad stopped their lives in Toronto for 2 months to come to Vancouver and help us. I'm not saying that my mom was the only one helping - my dad helped out tons too. But my mom and I had some really good talks about parenthood and raising a family that I could never really understand before. We are completely indebted to my parents for making the sacrifice to come out here for us. However, I know that my parents will never ask for anything in return. It's just something parents do. I understand what that means now. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

I see Brian's mom almost everyday too. She comes to our house everyday because she has to pick up Brian's dad. When I was working, she would sometimes come into the house and read, but most times, I think she sat in the car and waited for Brian and his dad to come back from work. Since I've been home, she comes in and visits for a bit everyday. At least once a week, she brings dinner and we all have dinner at our place. On those nights, she also helps out with Josh. We never had to ask. It's just something mom's do. As an aside, Brian's mom also goes to her daughter's house almost every night to help get the twins (now 6-months old) bathed and down to bed.

I feel so indebted to both my moms for everything they've done for us. And they never ask for anything in return because it's just something mom's do. Well, I just want you to know how much I appreciate all the love and support you've given me. Thank-you.

My mom with Josh on the day he was born.

Brian's mom feeding Josh at 2 months old.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

how can you tell?

How can you tell that our lives have changed? The fact that I haven't posted on the blog in the past month and a half is a good indication! I can't say that I'm busy - it's more that I'm ALWAYS tired. I have no energy and the most hours of consecutive sleep that I've had in 2 months is 5 hours - and that was only for one night! I'm not going to go on about how life-changing motherhood has been for me - those of you who are parents or have seen me in the past 2 months know what I mean.

I can't believe that it's 2007! It's seems like just yesterday that we found out that I was pregnant and I was thinking - I can't believe I'll have a baby in 8 months! Also, it seems like ages ago when we were basking in the warmth of the south of France. Either way, 2007 promises to be a very different year for me. I'm still not sure how it will go, but my New Year's resolution is to have a more positive outlook on things. I am generally a pessimist - Brian will confirm that based on my reaction to things the past 2 months (!!). So, I'm going to try to change my attitude and look at things more positively.

In fact, today was a perfect day to practice this. My parents left to go back to Toronto today. They have been here since early November, before Josh was born. I'm not sure how I would have survived the past 2 months without Mom and Dad here. They were so awesome. Mom helped with Josh, cooked and calmed my frazzled nerves. Dad helped with Nikita, fixed our computer and helped Brian with home maintenance stuff. Having both of them here was also a constant reminder to me that there was life going on outside of our home. We are going to miss having them here.

My first reaction to my parents leaving is anxiety and fear. I have already shed many tears at this prospect. Now, I'm just going to look at the brighter side of things. First, Josh is older and every day gets easier - my parents have already brought us through the hardest part. Second, now Brian and I have to figure out our routine and what works for us. This will also make things easier.

Wow, I can't believe how much I want to say here. But, I hear Josh starting to wake up, so it's time go. Here is a photo of him from Christmas. He is SO adorable. I can't believe how different he is in just 2 months!