Wednesday, December 19, 2007

if a picture is worth a thousand words...

...then these 2 pictures are screaming something...

to hair is human

I'm not sure how Josh's hair growth ranks on the too much - too little scale. I'm guessing he's about average since I've seen babies his age that still have peach fuzz and others that would have hair down to their shoulders if their parent's hadn't cut it at 3 months old!

Well, Josh's hair is still "filling in" - the faux-hawk is no longer apparent, but the hair from that original growth is quite long now. So, I decided it was time for his first haircut.

Thankfully(!!), this experience was NOTHING like the experience we had cutting Nikita's nails that one time, but it's quite unnerving to hold sharp scissors to your child's head as he constantly moves it back and forth, up and down, around and around. On top of that, I also have to keep the scissors out of his line of sight - because you know that the minute he sees them, he's going to want to get his little mitts all over the shiny, cool, metal thing that Mom is holding, and they probably taste good too! Yikes!

But the end result turned out not too bad. It was pretty successful for a first haircut. There was no fancy texturizing and layering, but he no longer has long stringy pieces hanging down the middle of his forehead and wisps of hair covering his ears. And, of course, I saved a lock of his hair and put it in a dated envelope entitled "Hair from 1st Haircut". I wonder what that will look like 30 years from now?!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

hit and run

The culprit, in this case, is no bigger than a pen! Or I guess the REAL culprit is 2.5 feet tall and throws anything that he can get his hands on!

Josh and I were enjoying a Sunday morning together in the kitchen. I would push his Hot Wheels car across the floor, making "vrrooom" sounds and he, in a game popularized by dogs called "fetch", would run after the car, pick it up and give it back to me. He thought it was hilarious; he would pick up the car, howling with delight, and run back to me so I could do it again.

Well, the last time around, he was running back to me and was so over-excited that when he got to me, instead of handing me the car, he threw it at me. Got me right in the lip. Boy, did that smart. Of course my first reaction was anger and to yell. But I took a few deep breaths, walked away and remembered that he didn't do it on purpose. I looked in the mirror and already had a fat, bloody lip.

So, the lesson I learned is to stay away from Josh's pitching arm when he is holding a deadly weapon. Other than that, can someone tell me how you can get a 1-year-old to stop throwing everything that he gets in his hands?!