Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ebay - reloaded

I've recently rediscovered ebay.  I started using it in 2001.  I was addicted for a couple of months.  I searched and searched for stuff to buy and I ended up only buying 2 things - a Paul Frank T-shirt (as my own little initiation) and a camera.  It was WAY too easy and my transactions turned out well.  But, I eventually lost interest because I didn't really have anything to buy!

A few weeks ago, one of my co-workers said I should look on ebay because she noticed that in the lots of clothes that people sell, there were actually lots of maternity clothes.  What a great idea!  Unfortunately, at 31 weeks, I think I'm over the hump of acquiring maternity clothes, but I wish I had gotten online a few months earlier - I would have been all over buying lots of used maternity clothes!

I decided to re-visit ebay again anyway.  What am I looking for, you ask?  Lots of baby clothes, of course!  And any other baby stuff I can find!  I can remember all over again why I was addicted to ebay for a couple of months because I find myself checking it out constantly!  There are SO many lots of baby clothes - I'm wishing now that we were having a girl because the girl stuff is SO cute and there is SO much stuff!  On second thought, maybe it's good we're having a boy!  Hehehe...boy's clothes aren't quite as cute, but I am watching a few things and I may find myself putting in a bid or 2 soon...

Friday, September 8, 2006

you can do it, dop can help!

Funny story surrounding the Home Depot commercial we saw last night.  It went something like this:

In the commercial, a little boy, around 6-years-old, walks into the kitchen and sees his dad under the kitchen sink.  He is fixing/installing plumbing or something.  The kid says, "Dad, can I help you?".  The dad says, "No, this is adult stuff.".  The kid says "OK." and with a forlorn look, he starts to walk away.  His dad sees him walking away, looking sad, shoulders down.  So the dad says, "Well, maybe you can hold the flashlight.".  The kid turns around, immediately brightens up and says, "OK!".  The Home Depot music starts to play and the camera pans out to the dad and the son under the kitchen sink, the kid is holding the flashlight and asking questions and the dad is explaining the plumbing stuff.  It was all very cute!

So, of course, I turned to Brian and I asked him, "Is that going to be you and little Dop?!".  It really WAS cute!  Brian replied, "Are you kidding?!  At that age, Dop will be able to install the kitchen sink all by himself!".  Ai-yah...just like my husband...