Saturday, August 14, 2010

lotsa camping, part 5 of 5!

So, here is a collage of photos from our camping blitz! Unfortunately, we didn't take very many photos, but something is better than nothing!

In case you're wondering, Nikita far prefers camping at the Provincial parks to the RV parks. At the RV parks, the sites are stacked one on top of another so we keep Nikita on-leash all the time. At the Provincial park, the sites are spread out enough that we can let Nikita off-leash and she will generally stay on our site. Also, Cultus Lake was PERFECT for Nikita because they have a designated dog beach.

We haven't yet found an ideal way to travel with Nikita and the trailer. When we put her in her crate in the trailer, we can hear her whining from outside. When she's in the truck with us, she's squished between the kid's car seats. One more logistic to think about as we slowly improve our camping experience...

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