Monday, June 27, 2011

jeans, pants and weighing in

Here are 2 unrelated conversations I had with Josh on 2 separate occasions:

(After we've taken him to bed, Josh comes back downstairs to find me on the phone.)
J: Mommy, who are you talking to?
Y: My friend, Jean.
(Josh looks puzzled.)
Y: You would call her "Miss Jean".
(Still a puzzled, contemplative look.)
Y: Josh, you don't know Miss Jean. She's my friend from work.
J: Mommy, since I don't know her, I'm going to call her Miss Pants!

(In the bathroom, Josh is getting ready to brush his teeth; I step on the scale.)
J: Mommy, can I see how big you are?
(As he pushes me a bit so he can see the numbers on the scale.)
Y: How big am I?
J: You are 60 lbs!
Y: Wow! 60 lbs?!
(Josh pauses for a bit.)
J: Mommy, I know you are 1-x-x (the EXACT numbers on the scale!) but I'm going to say that you are 60 lbs!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

something to talk about...finally

It's been awhile.  I haven't felt like saying much lately.  This year started out quite sad when my grandmother died.  It left me feeling melancholy for longer than I expected.  I guess that contemplating mortality is not something I do often.

I started seeing glimpses of my former self as Aves birthday approached.  It was definitely the highlight of those first few months for me!

But then, sadly, my colleague and friend, Derek Miller, lost his battle with cancer and passed away on May 3rd.  Devastating.  Derek was only 41 years old.

So, I've sort of retreated this spring and tried to spend alot of quality time with my family.  I think I've really needed this time to reflect and appreciate what I have around me.  Especially on the eve of my 40th birthday.

Little did I know late in 2010, when I got together with my friends from UW and we decided to celebrate our 40th birthdays together in Vegas in June - that it would be so perfectly timed!
Honestly, I thought I would use this "vacation" to get some RnR.  I was pleasantly mistaken!  We spent a few days lighting it up in Vegas and, man, did it ever feel like old times.  I didn't think I had it in me to go out drinking and dancing anymore and I guess I was wrong!
It was a blast.  From our luxurious accommodations at the Venetian (thanks for organizing, Rav!) to shopping sprees with Em (pina coladas and Christian Louboutin...sigh...) to a perfect meal with French food, good friends and great memories (thanks for organizing, Jen!), I really can't think of a bad moment all weekend!

I'm not going to get into details about the weekend because, quite frankly, it's true that what goes on in Vegas needs to stay in Vegas!  All I know is that I have come home feeling re-energized.  It's weird to think 15 hours of sleep over 4 nights wouldn't make me feel like a zombie (reminiscent of having a newborn!).  But there is something that needs to be said about re-connecting with friends of 20 years and finding that you can pick up right where you left off 20 years ago!
So, thanks Em, Jen, Steve and Rav.  I love you guys.  I will remember our trip for a long time to come (at least longer than I remembered where I spent the night after IRS!).  And I can't wait for Fifty in Fiji!

Oh, and I need to mention that when I arrived home, Bri gave me an early birthday present.  My husband is the best - first, a Vegas trip all to myself and then an iPad 2!  Seriously?!