Tuesday, October 5, 2010

dress up day

Josh has been asking me about our wedding photo lately. We have a big wedding photo hanging in our bedroom and each morning, Josh asks me about it - particularly my dress.

Josh also likes to peruse the Playmobil catalog. Who am I kidding?! Josh READS these catalogs every night before he goes to bed and in the morning, he tells me about all the Playmobil sets he wants. It's actually a brilliant marketing strategy by Playmobil to include a catalog with every one of their toys!

Anyway, lately, Josh has been asking for items in the Wedding scene of Playmobil. I figure this is going hand in hand with him seeing our wedding photo every morning (why he is in our bedroom EVERY morning is a completely different story!).

I was telling my girlfriend this the other day and she suggested that I do a dress up day with him and PUT ON my wedding dress. I thought this was hilarious. I haven't worn my wedding dress since 10-10-04. Seriously. But I asked Josh if he wanted to do a dress up day and he said a very enthusiastic YES, so I obliged.

The creator of the corseted wedding dress is a genius because my wedding dress STILL fits. The gap at the back might be a bit bigger (hahaha!) but who's looking anyway?! Josh had a blast seeing me in my dress (and the 20 minutes it took for Brian to do it up!). He even insisted that I put on the veil!

Aves, however, was not so excited. In fact, she cried! I hope it wasn't a reflection of how I looked in the dress, but rather a realization that all the crinoline in the skirt prevented her from getting close to me!