Sunday, September 7, 2008

labour for who?

Labour Day is such a bittersweet day because it's a holiday, but at the same time, it marks the official "end of summer" for many. For us, it's not such a big deal yet, since Josh is not yet in school. But for the crazy creatures at the Queen's Park Petting Zoo, it marks the end of the "petting zoo" season for them.

You've gotta wonder what a remarkable temperament these animals must have to be constantly surrounded by kids each day in the summer. I personally feel sorry for them, but the kids LOVE them. I just hope they get some good R&R at the Langley farm where they are sent for the winter (at least that's what we were told!).

On this closing day at the petting zoo, some of us Baby Talk moms went with our wee ones to say bye to the animals. Josh and I went a couple of times over the summer, but some of the moms were bringing their kids every week. They're not quite sure what to tell their kids when go back to the park next week and the animals aren't there!
Tammy and Fox, Alex and Joanna, Josh (doing his Michael Jackson imitation) and me

"No, Josh, it's not a puppy, it's a goat!"

"OH! A goat! Woof. Woof." Notice the death grip on mommy's finger.

"Can I put my finger in here, Mommy?"

Josh, Syriana and Ruby are watching the ducks in the duck pond(or was that zoo staff cleaning the duck pond?! Either way, they were fascinated!)