Tuesday, June 19, 2007

garage sale hell...

At the end of April, my dragon boat racing club held a garage and bake sale. We were raising money to send underpriviledged kids to summer camp. You're probably thinking that a garage sale is not the best forum to raise money for charity as many garage sale patrons are looking for a bit of "charity" from the sellers as well. I must admit that I get somewhat annoyed when we tell people that the garage sale is for charity and they continue to try to bargain down that $2 item for $1! Honestly, I believe the hard core garage salers don't even care about the item - they just do it to see if they can bargain you down!

Well, we had a particularly BAD case of "garage sale bargain disorder" when a man came by our garage sale. He was interested in a food processor. It just happened to be my food processor that I was selling because we got the Cadillac of food processors (the Cuisinart) for our wedding. The one I was selling I bought for around $75 and used it maybe once or twice. I was selling it for a screaming deal of $20, but was willing to let it go for $15.

My teammate was dealing with the man and he refused to pay more than $7 for it! She explained to him that it was for charity and he still would not budge. He went so far as to hand her the money and make like he was leaving with it tucked under his arm! My teammate would not go for it. She must have spent about 45 minutes with him as he examined it meticulously and tried to talk her down. Finally, painstakingly, she let it go for $10. It must have been the most frustrating 45 minutes of her life that she will never get back!

Unfortunately, the story does not end there. The following week, both my husband and I received calls on our cell phones from this man! In the voice mail messages, he explained that he bought the food processor and it didn't work. He wanted to come back and get us to show him how it worked! In any other circumstance, I would have graciously called the person back and told them to come by. But, in this particular case, I was flabbergasted that this man had the nerve to ask for some sort of service for a food processor that he bargained down to half the price at a charitable garage sale! I can't even describe how I feel about this situation! Furthermore, how did he get my cell phone number and my husband's cell phone number?! Kinda creepy. I chose not to reply to the messages.

I spent the month of May out of town. When I came back in early June, I was floored when I got a call from the same man. Almost a month and a half later and he was still calling about the food processor. I wonder what he has been doing with it for the past month and a half?!

Anyway, this is a testament to learning not to answer the phone when you don't know the number. The man went on about how he just wanted me to show him how it worked and I feigned ignorance and claimed it was a "group" garage sale and I had no idea what he bought and who it belonged to. I dialed up annoying and told him that if he wanted customer service he should have bought the food processor in a store and not a garage sale. I also explained that I wasn't even really working at the garage sale and that it was just held at my house. He said that he knows that the food processor belonged to me and that he remembered me. This is about the time that I told him to stop bothering us and said that I would call the police if he didn't stop.

After I hung up the phone. I called Brian and told him what happened. That's when it dawned on me. The ONLY reason I didn't want to show him how it worked was because he is a cheap bastard. So, what does that make me?! I couldn't, in good conscience, deprive him of use of the food processor just because he's an idiot. AARGH! I called him back and told him I had a change of heart. But I made sure that I gave him an earful letting him know that I remembered him and thought it was particularly cheap of him to bargain down an item that was being sold for charity. He actually had the audacity to say, "I ended up paying $10 for it, not $7!". Some people just don't get it and I don't think they ever will.

So, he came by that day and I showed him how it worked. End of story - except for an aside: it turns out that I was quickly rewarded for my forbearance. When the man pulled out the food processor pieces from the box I realized that had actually left a couple of blades from my expensive Cuisinart in the same box as the cheap food processor. I innocently showed the guy that it didn't seem that the blades belonged to his food processor and he left them with me. Hehehe...

Sunday, June 3, 2007

taking a break?!

Josh and I got back from Toronto last week and we had a blast. We were away for a month and, for the first time ever, I felt like it was good to be back home in Vancouver. Not even when I went to Europe for almost 3 months in 2002 was I this happy to come home!

People have asked me: Did you have a good vacation? Vacation takes on a new meaning once you have a baby. Was it relaxing? Uhhh...no. Did you have a good time? I had an excellent time. So, basically, it was awesome to visit family and friends and for many people to meet Josh for the first time. But, it was alot of work and I missed Brian and Nikita terribly!

Also, I thought that being in Toronto that long, I'd have plenty of time to visit with all my friends. Well, I didn't get to see everyone that I had hoped and man, did it ever feel like the whole trip left me running around!

I do recommend taking the time when you are on maternity leave to go away for awhile and get a change of scenery. It's always nice when the "whole" family can go, but that's obviously not always possible. I think I would have been able to be away for longer if Brian and Nikita were with us!

Speaking of family, it was wonderful to be able to visit with my parents and siblings and their families (Jon and Caroline, we missed you!). It's so nice to watch all the cousins play and I think my Mom and Dad were ecstatic to have all their grandkids around. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting us crash at your place for a few weeks! We miss you guys!