Saturday, January 14, 2012

21 questions, take 2

This was MUCH harder the second time around!  Josh just doesn't seem to like being asked questions these days. Couple that with asking Aves the same questions and the 2 of them choosing to mimic each other and this took much more sittings to get an answer that wasn't "I don't know".  In the end, some of the answers were funny, but some left me feeling kind of heartbroken...

1. What is something mommy always says to you?
J: I love you.

2. What makes you happy?
J: When you help me with Lego. / A: Good.

3. What makes you sad?
J: When mommy cries. / A: Mommy go to work.

4. What makes you laugh?
J: When someone tickles me.

5. How old are you?
J: 5 / A: 5

6. How old is Mommy?
J: 50 / A: Good

7. How old is Daddy?
J: 40 / A: Good

8. What is your favourite thing to do?
J: I like it when Mommy and Daddy stay home and I play with Mommy and Daddy.

9. Who is your best friend?
J: Elijah and Charlotte and Owen from school.

10. What do you want to be when you grow up?
J: Legomaker / A: I wanna be a fairy.

11. What are you really good at?
J: I'm pretty good at building Lego.

12. What are you not very good at?
J: I'm not very good at helping.

13. What did you do today?
J: Go to school, come home, nothing really exciting. / A: Go motoring munchkins

14. What is your favourite food?
J: Perogies, pizza and oranges.  I like lots of different foods.  I don't like some foods too.  Like tofu.  I don't like mushy foods. / A: Bread

15. What is your favourite song?
J: The 3 songs (he's referring to Marry You, Just the Way You Are and Bad Romance that I have back to back to back on our car CD) / A: Baby Beluga

16. What do you want for (holiday or birthday) this year?
J: I don't know yet, Mommy (which is a reasonable answer considering he JUST had his birthday AND Christmas!).

17. What is your favourite animal?
J: Dogs and cats / A: Cat

18. What is love?
J: Love means I love you.

19. What does mommy/daddy do for work?
J: Mommy goes to the office.  I don't remember what Daddy does.

20. Where do you live?
J: In a red-front house / A: motoring munchkins

21. Where is your favourite place to go?
J: Crash Crawly's and the monkey place (Jungle Jack's)


Loong said...

Good way to keep track. I love how cute some of the answers were!

The Blommesteins said...

I JUST did the same thing with Maddy. Will post soon. Love Avery's answers this year too.