Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the s-word, the f-word and instincts

When I came home from work the other day, Josh informed me that he was no longer saying the s-word and he was working on not saying the f-word.  Ha!  Seriously?!  How in the heck were we going to find out what s-word and f-word he was talking about?!  And the fact that he picked the 2 letters of the alphabet for which this statement truly applies left me feeling somewhat dumbfounded.

It took some patience and carefully worded questions but we managed to ascertain that the s-word is stupid and the f-word is (thanks to Mommy) fricking.  When Josh latches onto a word, it's so hard to get him to stop saying it.  We try to ignore it and not make a big deal of it, but I guess he hasn't just been saying it at home.  And it's a little more difficult to just "ignore it" in a school setting.

So, I'm glad that he has stopped/is working on stopping with the s-word and f-word.  Though I think Josh's method of stopping is to replace the interesting mot du jour with another equally interesting word.  Luckily, Josh's new mot du jour is 'rubbish'.  It is ridiculously funny listening to him use that word.  But as far as words go, I much prefer the r-word to the s-word or f-word!

On a side note, I have to mention an article that I just read.  Time and again, I have proven to myself that my maternal instinct is there for a reason.  I have felt for a long time that we have a challenging road ahead of us in a particular area and then I read this article.  My kids are not "technically" in school yet, but this article spoke to me.  Loudly.  I wanted to share it.

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Great article. Thanks for sharing. :) (Erin)