Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This is kind of gross and not very flattering for me, but a 5-year-old can somehow manage to bring out one's vanity and innocently squish it like a bug...

Last night, I was helping Josh brush his teeth.  He was staring at me as I brushed away.  After he rinsed and spit he said:

J: Mommy, you have dots on your face.
Y: (looks in the mirror and notices 2 ugly zits forming right betwixt the eyes) What dots?
J: (points at the zits) These dots.  Look...1...2.
Y: Those are called pimples.
J: (pauses and stares) Do pimples always have that yellow thing in the middle?


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Sarah Prosser said...

I read this, Vet, and was reminded of when Carys told me I had a nipple on my face. It took all my strength not to giggle when I told her it was a pimple, not a nipple.