Saturday, August 27, 2011


I don't pretend to know the finer points of transvestite vs. transgendered and everything in between, so please forgive me if I say incorrect things or offend.

Today, we were running errands and we were in a store.  The person helping me, I would describe like this: from the neck down, looked like a guy; dressed like a guy (but that might have been the attire for the store we were in).  From the neck up, looked like a guy trying to look like a lady - long hair in a ponytail, make-up very nicely applied, earrings, etc. - but very masculine features; sounded like a guy.  So, I'm not sure if this "guy" was a transvestite or transgendered.  In any case, "he" was clearly a guy who wanted to look like a lady.

I didn't notice Josh staring at all (thankfully) but at one point, he came up to us and directed some questions at this person:

J: Are you a boy or a girl?
(Mom is mortified.)
Guy/Lady: (after a long pause) I'm a girl.
J: No, you are a boy.
Lady: No, I'm a girl.
J: But you talk like a boy, not a girl.  So, you are a boy.
(Josh starts to walk away.)
Y: (What do I say??!!) OK, Josh, that's enough.

The lady went on to say that it was OK.  I clarified that I didn't mind him asking the question (as long as she didn't!), but I minded that he was denying that she was who she said she was.  She was very understanding and said that she was impressed that at least he had the fortitude to question the disconnect.  It didn't make sense in his mind, so he questioned it.  The denial was just age, because it didn't make sense.  But at least he asked the question.

She was very understanding and I was very relieved.  It's not necessarily one of the topics they put in the Parenting 101 manual...


Freia said...

holy crap....what a blog...what a story...what an observant boy you have...super observant actually...and what a great story...a great end and 'answers' went very smoothly on both ends i'd say....i'm still amazed at reading this.....and smiling...we come in all walks and ways in this world....

karmjit said...

we were in a similar situation not so long ago.... Aaron was staring for ages before he came up to me and said, "mummy that person is a he/she". It was kind of hilarious to hear his conclusion...

Louanne said...

Wow, I'm impressed too at Joshie's power of observation too! Though you know in the 80s w my new wave hair and baggy clothing, I got called a boy a lot when in Hong Kong too! LOL

San said...

Hahahahahaaaa funniest story ever!! That's my little nephew!! Soo observant! Love him and miss him!