Monday, August 22, 2011

josh on death

I was shocked this morning to turn on the tv and see that Jack Layton had died at 61. RIP.

Josh was beside me as I watched the news...

J: Mommy, why did he die?
Y: He was very sick, Josh.
J: How many birthdays did he have?
Y: Oh, he had LOTS of birthdays.
J: Mommy, I'm not going to let Daddy have anymore birthdays.
Y: Why?
J: Because I don't want him to die.

How do you reply to that?!


Michelle Baxter said...

Birthdays are pretty special too. They are a celebration of life and that is how we approach them in our family.

Sue Stappler said...

Wow. Reply with a hug and remind him how awesomely special he is. :)