Saturday, August 27, 2011

happy belated

Between getting the family together to celebrate and bringing my laptop back to life to do the post, I'm finally getting Bri's birthday post up.

Since all the Van Dop's are here on the west coast, it's typical to have us all get together for a birthday.  What is not typical, is getting my family together for a birthday celebration.  Since Bri's birthday is in the summer though, we've lucked out in the past and we've been able to celebrate his birthday with parts of my family visiting us.

This year, it was my parents visiting.  Last weekend we were able to get all the Van Dop's over (sorry we missed you, Mike!) as well as my parents.  We had a really nice family gathering to celebrate Bri's birthday.

I hope you had a fun afternoon and a happy birthday, babe.  Love you.

P.S.  Bri actually turned 43 this year, not 44 (as his cake says).  Unfortunately, last year, we celebrated a 2nd birthday, a 4th birthday and a 42nd birthday, so we only had candles for 2 and 4.  Oopsy!


Louanne said...

I was wondering if I miscounted! Heehee

San said...

Happy belated old man:))