Saturday, November 20, 2010

look out, carson kressley!

Occasionally, when we get dressed in the mornings, Josh asks to pick his clothes.  Of course, we always let him.  These days, he's big on "soft pants".  Basically, sweat pants or fleece pants.  I indulge him by buying that type of pant because I know he likes them. 

This morning, he asked to dress himself, so I let him go upstairs and pick everything out by himself (underwear included!).  Then, Brian went upstairs with Josh and Aves to get Aves dressed.  When they came back down, Aves looked like above.  Brian saw the "why is Aves wearing THAT?!" look on my face and before I could say anything, he said, "Mommy, guess who picked Aves clothes?".  So, I asked, knowing very well at that point that Josh was the stylist du jour.  He was very proud of himself and explained why he picked the brown "pumpkin" onesie to go under the green and white polka-dotted shirt.  It was priceless.  Who could change my fashion-victimized little girl after that?!  Brian just lifted up the collar on her shirt to add a little juuj!

For himself, of course, Josh picked out the softest black, fleece pants that he has and I'm not sure the reason for the red Paul Frank shirt, but at least he was colour co-ordinated!  It's so interesting when kids start to evolve and form opinions and ideas about the way things are or should be.  It make you wonder, "what are they thinking?!".  I know that Carson Kressley would have much to say about Josh's fashion choices, but as his mom, I have to be less fashion-conscious and more esteem-conscious!

P.S.  FYI, even though Bri is in the picture, Josh did NOT dress him!


Viearn said...

Josh is being a good big brother, dressing his sister in an outfit he thinks she'll look good in. She's obviously not ready to start protesting all these fashion interventions.

Kathy Murphy Saunders said...

That is great, Yvette! Too funny :)

LL said...

All fashionistas have to start somewhere. :)