Sunday, June 6, 2010


You may have noticed in previous blog posts that Aves is standing (and she's walking too!). I know I'm a bit slow on the posts these days, but despite missing the blog entries, we HAVE been capturing the moments!

Since she started crawling at around 9 months old, Aves never really showed interest in standing or cruising. She preferred crawling or being carried! Well, out of the blue, she started pulling herself up and standing on her own at the end of April. She would pull herself up, take one or two steps and fall down. However, when she wanted to really move, she would still get down on all fours and crawl.

The video below was taken on May 13th. At this point, she was taking several steps at a time and she was discovering that walking may just be faster than crawling. That transition from crawling to walking happened SO quickly!

So now, we pretty much have a toddler on our hands. She is quite stable, despite her teeny, tiny feet, but there tends to be alot of falling over and tears as a result of Josh's mischief and Nikita's overactive tail!

In the last couple of days, she has discovered independence (ugh!). She has been testing me by wandering off when we're out and making me chase after her. She will even walk away so I'm out of her eyesight! I'm shocked, given that she is pretty attached to me. I guess Mommy is the one that has to learn to start letting go...

Anyway, here's the video from May 13th. Oh yeah, and you'll notice she can say "Mama" really well, too, but with ALOT of coaxing...

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Sarah said...

So cute! I love her little girl outfit and earrings. Emmett is still crawling - I am sure he will walk soon though!