Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Olympic fever

I'm sure that every Vancouverite with a blog has posted about the Olympics. I've only done one post, but even though I haven't posted much about it doesn't mean that I'm not excited! We're 3 days from the opening ceremonies and I can't wait!

This past Sunday, we went downtown for a friend's birthday dinner. The Olympic celebration has definitely started here! Excitement was in the air and you could really feel that something big was happening. We felt like tourists in our own city!

We live outside of Vancouver proper, but not by much. We're still pretty close. Since we have no Olympic venues in our community, we haven't seen very much change or hype. But today, the torch relay came through our community. It was a beautiful day and thousands of people came out. I guess being on maternity leave has that benefit of being able to go out and celebrate on a Tuesday morning! Erin and I made our way over with just the babies in tow.

When the Olympic torch came through Toronto on it's way to Calgary in 1988, I remember being there. Suzy Higgins was a torchbearer and I went with her sister, Nicole, to watch her. Even that was exciting and the torch was "just passing through"!

I'm excited to be part of this. We hear on the news about the protesters and I've heard many people in the past few months bitch and complain about how "inconveniencing" it is going to be. I just hope all the complainers went out of town because I, for one, don't want them around.

We are hosting the world in 3 days. How amazing is that?!

Checking out the festivities on Granville Street

The Canadian flag at the corner of Georgia and Howe

Georgia and Burrard

Getting the crowd hyped as we wait for the torch to arrive

Go Canada Go!

Charlotte wants to get in on the action

Taking a break to watch the torch come in

I have no idea who the guy was carrying the torch, but I bet he feels proud!

That was my 5 second glimpse of the torch!

Besides seeing it briefly on-stage!


Rani said...

Yvette...you made me really miss home!!! Thanks for this!

Karmjit said...

I do miss Vancouver... Thanks for the photos :) really enjoyed them

Susanne said...

Thanks for the photos- I feel like I was there... rather than stuck at home looking out the window with two sick kiddies!

Karen Thibodeau said...

Syriana's daycare watched the torch go by "mommy we went to a parade and whosh it was gone, and there was fire"