Sunday, November 15, 2009

indian summer

Obviously, I'm not talking about Vancouver. We were in Toronto last week for an impromptu trip to see my grandmother. I miss the Fall season. It used to be my favourite season growing up back east. Our recent trip made me realize again how much I missed it. We lucked out and had fabulous weather during our trip - a bit of an indian summer but not quite as warm.

Even still, Josh got to ride a bike around my parent's neighbourhood on 4 of the 7 days we were there. Since he really got the hang of actually pedalling a bike at the end of the summer here at home, it was a treat to see him go around the neighbourhood.

Josh rode his bike to a little neighbourhood park and the leaves were SO abundant and crisp, that they were calling us to play in them. Josh LOVED it. It's so hard in Vancouver to find a day where you can play in the leaves without them being wet and rotten, so it was really new for Josh. We even walked home through the "forest" around my parent's neighbourhood. When we visited in the summer, Josh didn't want to go in the forest because it was too scary. I guess all the trees made it pretty dark in there. But with all the leaves on the ground, the forest didn't seem quite so scary and Josh had a blast with Uncle Lenny and Auntie Tini looking for walking sticks.

We had a wonderful little visit to Toronto. I wish we could go more often...

Walking and riding to the park

A candid smile

Avery's first swing ride

Pure joy

Happiness is...playing in the leaves

Kicking them is just as much fun too!

Pile on Uncle Lenny!

More candid moments

Joshie's turn to be buried!

Now it's Avery's turn! NOT!

Since Josh couldn't immerse the stroller in leaves, he decided to throw them on Avery

Avery loves to be carried

Looking for walking sticks in the "forest"

Looks like Josh is alone in woods, but I think Auntie Tini is behind the tree...

Family out for a walk

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