Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 months

Yes, it does feel sometimes like the second child is the neglected child. Avery will sleep for hours and we forget she's even there until she's screaming for someone to get her! Josh is such an active toddler that we seem to focus alot of our attentions on him. I'm cherishing the moments when Josh is down for a nap or bedtime and I can spend quality time with Avery.

And Avery's milestones are not going unnoticed! She is such a DOLL. At 3 months, she can hold her head up for a little bit when she's on her stomach. Her smiles are priceless and she loves to talk when you are talking to her. She's a very interactive little baby!

When we first got to Toronto, we had a week of hot weather. Avery got a heat rash on her face and down her neck and shoulders. Poor thing - there was nothing that I could put on it. But it's been pretty cool the last few weeks here (I think Vancouver and Toronto traded weather!) and the rash has slowly subsided. I never had to deal with heat rash with Josh, so I'm hoping that this was an isolated incident and she won't continually be getting it.

Her are some shots of her last month here in Toronto:

Joshie loves being around Avery and he tries his best to be gentle!

Pretty serious at just over 2 months

Avery is strong enough to hold her head so Kong is actually carrying her now!

More baby yoga from my kids!

Auntie Tini is sure going to miss Avery when we go back home!

Avery wears her first dress! Before this, it was mostly sleepers and onesies.

Cousin Little H can't get enough of Avery

The cousins are bonding

Miles of smiles

Already has an attitude at such a young age!


LL said...

Wow, Avery has grown! She's so chubby and cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow, babe, it seems like I'm missing so much. Can't wait until you guys get home!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I love the one in her first dress - the smile is ear to ear and just a little mischievious!