Friday, May 15, 2009

one month

This past Sunday was a milestone first Mother's Day with Avery. Also, it was Avery's 4 week birthday! I can't believe that the first month has gone by already! She looks so different now then those first days in the hospital. For one, she is no longer yellow - she seems to have worked out all her jaundice. I'm glad she didn't have to go through phototherapy!

She also does not look like a newborn anymore. She is filling out and probably weighs around 9 lbs. now! I don't know her exact weight because I'm finding that the second time around, the health care professionals are relying on our experience to get us through the first few weeks. It seemed like we weighed Josh every other day until he was 4 weeks old! With Avery, she was weighed in the hospital and then at one week and three weeks. That's it so far. At 3 weeks old, she weighed 8.5 lbs. She's a little porker!

So, with 2 kids, we're finding that bathtime comes few and far between (for both kids!). The following photos are of Avery's first bath at home. Brian was a little rusty and Avery was new at it too, so between the two of them it was a bit of a clumsy endeavour and Avery was NOT happy...

These first few weeks have found Avery sleeping alot - sleep, eat, poo, she's pretty textbook! She is just now staying awake more and we're finding that we need to start using some of our parenting skills to find ways to get her to fall asleep. It's funny how quickly we forget all that stuff! Now that she's awake more, we're seeing her grey-black eyes and we can tell that she's focusing more. She's even given a couple of non-gassy smiles when she's looking at us!

We've also discovered that she has a REALLY loud cry. We're not used to that because Josh was so quiet as a newborn. It's a bit nerve-wracking. I never realized how much a baby's cry can really grate on your nerves until now. I mean, I don't feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown everytime she cries, but it is distracting and I find that I can't do anything BUT tend to her cries when she's crying.

Josh is loving his little sister. Everytime he comes home from daycare or goes to bed, he wants to give Avery a hug and kiss. We just have to make sure that we watch him like a hawk - his idea of a gentle hug and kiss is not quite as "gentle" as we'd like! We also had a "close call" last week - I was sitting on the couch beside Avery in her bassinet when Josh crawled up on the couch between us. I knew he was leaned over looking at her, but I wasn't fully paying attention to what he was doing. Soon, Avery started crying so I leaned over to see what Josh was doing. That's when I noticed 2 pieces of cashew in her mouth! OMG - it just proved to me that you can NEVER be too careful when dealing with a toddler!

Here are more photos of Avery over the last few weeks. The last one was taken on her 4-week birthday:

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Sarah Dickson said...

Avery is beautiful!! The story of Josh and the cashews made me laugh - it reminds me of Connor with Emmett. Last week when Emmett was lying on his play mat and I was trying to cook dinner, I caught Connor pulling on his legs (not gently). When I asked him what he was doing, he said that he was picking Emmett up so that he could carry him all around the house (yes, by his feet!). So much for trying to cook a meal when Darren's not home!