Tuesday, June 24, 2008

wasting away

I haven't posted in almost 3 weeks. Why, you ask?! Because Brian and I have been wasting away in front of the tv watching Grey's Anatomy DVD's from the beginning. Ugh. We KNOW it's awful and we KNOW we can spend out time more wisely. But every night after Josh goes to bed, we quickly do our necessary chores and are usually planted in front of the tv by around 9:00pm to watch a couple of episodes; maybe 3, if it's getting REALLY good. Ugh.

TV series on DVD has to be the absolute worst creation. There is no longer a reason to stop after one show. When you record shows on your Tivo or PVR, you have to wait a week until the next episode airs. But when you have an entire season on DVD's, there is no reason to stop! And it's not like a movie where it's 2 hours long and then it's over. Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy was 27 episodes long!

Well, I'm relieved to say that we are now in season 3 and we're starting to see some repeats of shows that we saw when we first started watching Grey's. Phew! The madness will end soon and I will be able to post the 3 blog postings that I currently have in my head. After that, we will have to strongly consider whether we start watching another tv series on DVD. Maybe we need to set ourselves some DVD-watching rules...


The Blommesteins said...

You're so funny! You know what show I'm getting into? Celebrity Circus!! Shhh...don't tell anyone! :) I used to love watching Circus of the Stars. I was hooked when Nicole Eggert from 'Charles in Charge' did the trapeze. I thought she was super cool.

Anonymous said...

You are lucky your hubby enjoys that show. Derek hates it. Like, he only watches Oprah standing-up (from the hall, when there is a full moon). I love Meredith. I watched seasons 1-3 when I recovered from a small operation in May. I love that show!

I need to lend you Huff season one (now canceled).