Thursday, June 26, 2008

a belated message from the heart

It's ironic that I'm posting this after a post saying that we're wasting away. I had this Father's Day post in my head for awhile now and I'm finally getting to "write" it down.

This past Father's Day is Brian's second one. As with the first, it was low-key. We got together with Brian's family and just spent quality time together. It's always nice to spend time with family. I think the way we spend Father's Day is a bit of a reflection of how Brian reacts to being a father - he's very low key. He takes everything with a grain of salt and he does things because he knows he just needs to do them.

What Brian doesn't know, is that he is an absolutely fantastic dad. When Josh was first born and I was a basket case, Brian stood firm and supportive. When Josh would cry and I would tell Brian that he was doing something wrong, he would tell me that he is not me, he is not the mommy and he has to figure out how to do things so that they work for him and Josh. When I need a break, Brian takes Josh. When the parental duties need to be shared, Brian is there to feed Josh, change a diaper, give a bath or pick up Josh from daycare. When Josh is naughty, Brian is stern. When Josh gets an owie, he calls "Daddy". When Josh and Brian play, Josh laughs that carefree baby laugh that melts my heart. When we sing songs, we all sing together even though Brian hates singing. When I say, "Are you sure we should have another baby to add to the chaos?", he says, "Absolutely.". And if you see the way Brian lights up when he first sees Josh in the morning or after work, you know he means "Absolutely."

It's funny because everyone tells me, "you're so lucky that Brian is such an involved dad". I used to believe that I was really lucky too. But, I thought about it and I realized that it isn't luck that Brian ended up being such a good dad because he didn't just become a wonderful father overnight. He always had it in him. So, it doesn't make me lucky, it makes me smart because I chose him.

Happy Father's Day, Bri. We love you very much!


Sarah said...

I know exactly what you mean! I used to think I was relly lucky that Darren is such a great dad, until I realized that it took me a long time to find the person I wanted to have a family with.

Anonymous said...

Just catching up with your recent posts Yvette, and this one brought tears to my eyes. You have a wonderful gift with words, dear daughter, and I look forward to each new post.
p.s. Brian also chose very wisely!!

love ya lots,