Sunday, June 1, 2008

season 7 of satc

That is exactly what it was. I purposely avoided finding out any details of the new Sex and the City movie because I didn't want to spoil the story. Let me tell you, it was HARD. After all, many scenes were shot in the streets of New York and there were many snip-its in magazines, Web-sites and blogs of what happened during shoots.

This past weekend, we had a girl's night out so that we could watch SATC on it's opening weekend. I'm sure there were many girl's nights over the 2 days! I had a fabulous time and thanks to Lisa for hosting pre-movie cocktails and appies (the mojitos were SO good!)

I won't ruin it for anyone else, but I'll say that the movie stayed true to the series. I really felt like I was watching the next season (fast forwarded to 4 years later). I can't say whether it was good or bad as a movie because it's Sex and the City! However, I can say that I laughed and cried and that I will watch it again if someone in this house decides they want to see it (I won't mention any names for fear of embarrassing anyone that might not want to admit that they enjoyed the series!)

Now, I have to live with the disappointment that "season 7" has ended and we won't know if there is anymore to come...

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