Tuesday, May 6, 2008

high tech baby

My sister and I had a discussion about letting Josh play with the laptop. Brian and I were having the hardest time keeping him away from it and my sister suggested just locking it out and letting him tap on it for a bit. "He will eventually lose interest", she said.

She is right. It's unfair of us to let him watch us constantly sit down in front of this really interesting object with buttons and lights and not let him touch it. So, we brought one of our old laptops downstairs and set it up beside ours. Whenever one of us wants to check something out on the laptop and Josh wanders over, we can plop him down beside us and let him mimic us on his own machine. So cute.

Now, however, he has discovered that the keys come off. He's removed 3 keys so far. Somehow, I don't think he's going to lose interest quite that fast...


Anonymous said...

So funny. Gary and I don't let Elijah touch ours, due to early signs of key-removing as well.... :)

The Blommesteins said...

Soon Josh will be in charge of updating the blog.