Tuesday, April 22, 2008

baby penguins

When a wedding comes around, it makes me think fondly of ours . Of course, I recall all the highlights of planning and of the day (and none of the stress!). Lenny and Tini are planning their wedding right now and I'm excited for them! I don't know whether they are excited or stressed, but I'm sure they will also look back at this time fondly.

They just asked us today for Josh to be their ringbearer! Josh will be around 2, so we warned them of the usual "may-not-walk-down-the-aisle" caveats, but they are OK with it and we are honoured and thrilled! Lenny is the last of mine and Brian's siblings to be married, so we never thought Josh would get to participate in a wedding party. So now, we are not only excited for Lenny and Tini, but we are also excited for Josh!

I imagine him in a cute little tux and I am reminded of penguins (of course!). Now, I know that Josh won't be wearing an "actual" penguin suit, but somehow, I can't get this image out of my head...

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The Blommesteins said...

I say go for the actual penguin suit! So hilarious. It'll definitely be remembered!!