Saturday, May 17, 2008


It's been 2 years since Brian built our fabulous deck and it was never painted. This is the year we are painting our deck! Unfortunately, with a kid, you have to divide and conquer, so we decided that Brian would paint and I would take Josh out somewhere to keep him out of trouble. There was NO way that I was staying indoors on a day that was forecasted to break temperature highs. So, I decided that Josh and I would join Gary, Erin and their family to the Vancouver Aquarium.

We went to the Seattle Aquarium when Josh was 7 months old. He seemed to enjoy it, but I'm not sure if he got anything out of it! At 18 months old, I think we had a pretty good visit. Of course, he doesn't have much of an attention span, but everything seemed to intrigue him for an average of about 15 seconds before he would move onto something else.

Luckily, the Aquarium didn't seem to be that busy - probably because of the long weekend. Erin's parents were in town and they accompanied Gary, Erin and Elijah, so we weren't necessarily a small group. It was great for me to have other adults around because it proved to be a bit challenging trying to push the stroller and run after Josh. I think if I were to take Josh on my own, I would abandon the stroller and bring a backpack and sling.

Having said all that, I didn't have much of a chance to take pictures, but here are a few I managed to snap...

Josh with Erin's family - looks strange, no?!

Elijah and Josh in Clownfish Cove

Josh spots a beluga...

...and the beluga spots Elijah!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! The pic of the two boys in the clownfish cove tunnel is great! They look like mirror opposites. BTW, I'll hopefully get around to posting my pics too. Just busy with painting right now. :)

The Blommesteins said...

I thought it was a mirror too!