Thursday, April 10, 2008

the stink on stink

This is my rant for the day. If you are one of those people who likes to make sure that dog owners pick up after their dog everytime they squat, then PLEASE make sure you actually see the dog take a sh!t before you open your mouth.

Yes, I was a victim yet again of the dog poo nazi. Luckily, he was disguised as a father and had his pre-schooler with him or else I think I would have tore him a new a$$hole.

I mean, I understand that people are just being vigilant. I, too, hate it when I see dog poo on the ground. But it's bad enough that I feel like I'm being scrutinized everytime people see my dog squat (she's a GIRL - she squats to poo AND pee!), PLEASE have some respect that I will be responsible and hold your tongue until you see otherwise.

Furthermore, I'm not stupid. If I'm going to choose NOT to pick up my dog's poo, do you think I'd do it in a public park at lunchtime with lots of people around?!

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