Tuesday, August 12, 2014

move over, mom, there's a new coconutwoman in town!

The kid's first trip to NYC.  Apparently, making rabbit
ears in photos makes Times Square more fun!
(mostly only my family will get that title)

We've had a blast spending the past couple of weeks in NY and NJ, visiting family and friends (we head home tomorrow).  The last few days, we've been staying with S&B at their new house near Seton Hall University.

Today, the kids and I were walking past the university on our way back from a local park.  Josh asked what a university was and I tried to explain (something about where the big kids go after high school because they want to learn more and try to get "better" jobs; to give him a frame of reference for age, I said his cousin, L, was going to a university in September).

J: Mom, I'm going to go to university so I can open a coconut shop for you! (Josh knows I love coconuts.)
Y: Wow!  That sounds so awesome!  What would you sell?  Just coconuts?
J: No, I'd sell things like coconut cake, coconut cupcakes, coconut ice cream, coconut milk...stuff like that.
Y: Yum! If you open a coconut shop, I'd like to work there.
J: (lots of hesitation) Well, ummm...I'm going to have younger people working there.
Y: Oh, you mean like L's age?
J: (more hesitation) Well, ummm...not really. (pause) Mom, you know when you work in the shop you can't eat the food?
Y: (Now I get it!) If someone works there and pays for their food, can't they eat it?  And would you give them a discount because they work there?
J: (giggles) I guess, and I'd pay them too!

Ha.  It's a relief to know that he plans on paying them and, fwiw, I neglected to mention that he doesn't really need to go to university to open a coconut shop :-P

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