Friday, May 23, 2014

our own worst critic

Josh called me over while he was on the toilet tonight. I stood at the bathroom door:

J: How come your bathroom and Miss Tess' bathroom have fans but ours doesn't have a fan?
Y: Because our house was built in the 'olden' days. This bathroom was built back then and they didn't put fans in bathrooms. They used that window for ventilation. Daddy built our bathroom and Miss Tess' bathroom, so he put fans in them.
J: So. Our house is old?
Y: Yes, our house is 80 years old.
J: Oh. Our house is from the olden days!
Y: Well, Daddy fixed up a lot of the house, so some of it is new and some of it is old.
(I love it when I can tell the wheels are spinning but I have no idea what's going to come out. At this point, the wheels are definitely spinning!)
J: Mom...(starts to say something but pauses to rephrase) I really like the decisions you made for the inside of the house...(you know there's a but coming)
...but the outside needs a paint job.

Ha. Guess who just volunteered for paint duty this summer?!

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