Friday, July 5, 2013

cotton candy

Out of the blue this morning:

A: Mommy, we had cotton candy when we went to the PNE yast time.  Can we go to the PNE again and have cotton candy?
Y: Of course we can!
A: (jumping up and down) Yay!  I yove cotton candy!  Do you yove cotton candy too?
Y: Yes, I do.  Do you know why they call it cotton candy?
A: (still jumping up and down) Because it tastes yike candy!
Y: And what does it look like?
A: (stops and thinks long and hard) ...Fyuff!

SO funny.  In her defense, I asked her if she knew what cotton was and she didn't.  When I gave her a cotton ball, she said, "Mommy! It feels yike cotton candy!".  Ha.


Rascallion said...

I love those 'lightbulb moments'! Cherish them.

Karmjit said...

that's a cute story :-)

Viearn said...

so sweet :-)