Sunday, July 14, 2013


Someone please explain to me what is going on in my son's head...

A couple of weeks ago, we were headed out of town.  After crazily getting packed and everything and everyone piled into the car, we started off on our way.  Josh was in the back and I was kitty corner to him in the front, passenger seat.  We hadn't even left the neighbourhood and I was JUST settling into my seat when Josh said to me, "Mommy, flatten your hair.  It's getting pretty crazy."  Seriously?!

Then yesterday, after a fair bit of time in the water the past couple of weeks, we had this conversation:

J: Mommy, do you have a bathing suit where there is a top part that covers here (pointing to his chest) and a bottom part that covers your privates?

Y: You mean a bikini?

J: Yeah, do you have a bikini?  Next time we go swimming, can you wear a bikini?

WTF?!  Seriously, someone please explain what my son is thinking because I'm starting to get a complex...


David W. said...

I can't figure out my 6-year-old either, nor the 9-year-old for that matter.

Stacy W. said...

Same for the 12 year old!