Saturday, November 3, 2012

olden days

Today, as we were driving past a school playground, Josh asked me, “Mom, did they have parks in the olden days?” Olden days?!

Instead of pursuing my line of thought, I just said, “I’m pretty sure they had parks in the olden days. But I don’t think they would have looked like the parks we have now.”

Then Josh asked, “Did they have Lego Ninjago in the olden days?”

I laughed, “No, I’m pretty sure they didn’t have Lego Ninjago in the olden days.”

This seemed to be it for that line of questioning. But I still wonder what Josh’s idea of the “olden days” is. 1900? 1950? Or maybe, the “olden days” is the time when I was a kid! You know you’re getting old when your kids call the 80’s the “olden days”. Ha.

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Bri said...

Now I know what my parents must have felt like when I asked about the "olden days" as a kid. Old!