Sunday, September 30, 2012

almost 6 years

It is almost 6 years to the day that diapers made their first appearance in our house and I think we are finally seeing the light at the end of the diaper tunnel!

Today was Aves’ first completely dry butt day! Yay for Aves! She has resisted potty training since we started trying when she turned 3. We didn’t push the issue because, honestly, it wasn’t that big a deal to me. But Aves will be 3 1/2 in October and the idea that she had no desire to rid herself of wet or poopie diapers boggles my mind! So, when school (and pre-school) started, we finally decided that it was time to REALLY work on it.

Even though the potty chart didn’t work for Josh, I figured we would try it on Aves. Wow. Talk about results! It’s taken a couple of weeks, but today Aves rocked the toilet.

It started great with her waking up with a dry diaper. When I finally got up, I asked her to sit on the toilet and she peed. Woo! Hoo! I knew it was as good a time as any to try underwear all day (even though we planned to be out most of the day). At one point, while we were out, I panicked because Aves hadn’t pooed all day, so it had to be coming soon, and we were going to hop in the car for a bit of a car ride home. She wore a pull-up, but never did anything in it. Right up until bedtime, Aves did all her stuff on the toilet or potty and kept her butt completely dry all day.

Now, I know at 3 1/2, she is by no stretch of the imagination breaking any potty training records. I’m posting more because I can’t believe that the day is fast approaching when we will be diaper free! Can it really be?! One thing is for sure: when we finally reach that milestone of being diaper-free, I will not look back at those diapering days and ever claim that I miss changing diapers! Ha!

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