Thursday, June 7, 2012


I’m constantly debating in my head whether I am okay with Josh and Aves sleeping in our bed at night. They never start out there, but it seems most nights, they end up there.

On the nights where they form an Yvette sandwich and I sleep fitfully, I think, “this is not working”.

But the fact of the matter is: they want to sleep with us. And why is that so bad? It can’t be a bad thing that our kids need us in that way. Besides, it won’t last forever.

Then, sometimes I wonder, “how long WILL it last?!”. I don’t think I’ll have a 15-year-old crawling into my bed, but do I REALLY know that?! Ha.

Last night was an Yvette-sandwich kind of night. Josh is a cuddler. Aves, it seems, is some sort of pendulum. And Mommy is…grumpy.

At one point, I open my eyes and I am looking at Aves’ shoulder. She is sleeping on my pillow, I am sleeping on…the mattress. I feel Josh’s legs against my back. Ha. I am sandwich meat.

Then, I notice Aves start to stir. She takes her pacifier (don’t judge!) out of her mouth. Aves plants a kiss on my forehead, puts her pacifier back in her mouth and falls back asleep.

OK, I love sandwiches - there’s no debating that.


Viearn said...

what a cute story

Kathy Murphy Saunders said...

lol Emma has been sleeping with us ever since we got back from China....16 months ago!!!

Candy said...

Where is your hubby ? Where he sleeps ? In your kids room ?

Yvette said...

Candy, I think my husband wishes some nights he slept in the kid's room. Mostly, he gets his own little piece of our gigantic king-size bed, which is not too bad, I think!