Tuesday, June 5, 2012

hot dog!

I was recently back east with the kids, visiting my sis and her family in upstate New York. During our visit, my sis said she wanted to take Josh to a place that is affectionately known to the locals as Cumbie’s - Cumberland Farms. Who’s kidding who?! There is nothing farm-ish or wholesome about this place. It is essentially a gas station with a 7-Eleven!

The reason my sis wanted to take Josh there is because they have a wall-o-slushie-drinks. She thought it would be cool to see Josh go crazy for slushies! hahaha.

He did, indeed, go crazy. The first time she took him there (yes, I said “first”), I was on my jaunt to the city. He liked it so much, that after I came back, he kept insisting on going to the “drink store”.

Finally, we went one day in the late afternoon after picking up a bunch of kids from school. A van load of 6 kids, my sis and I piled into Cumbie’s.

The drink selection of every type and flavour of drink that can rot your teeth and brain was impressive! AND the best part (and the part that is marketed heavily) is that every size is 89 cents! Yes, every size of drink is just 89 cents. Yes, I’m still confused about the marketing strategy.

As the title of this post implies, they have hot dogs too.

So, we get the van load of kids back in the car, all hopped up on sugar. At this point, my sis remembers her hubby needs dinner (hahaha…yes, i know, lucky him!). She calls N to see if he wants a hot dog from Cumbie’s. N is a funny guy and at this point, he is being a funny guy about being offered dinner from Cumbie’s. My sis is laughing a bit at his sarcasm, but I’m sensing that her patience is wearing thin with his humour as well as the incessant ruckus coming from the 6 sugar kids. Finally, N says, “You know what I really want? I’m really feeling like a…cheeseburger. Yeah, a cheeseburger shaped as a hot dog.”. Ha. That was the end of the rope for my sis. She lashes out at N for wasting her time while she has a van load of sugar kids and she stomps back into Cumbie’s.

At some point during her stomp back in, something rings true about the cheeseburger shaped as a hot dog. She goes straight to the hot dog counter and what does she find?!

Wait for it…


It is indeed true. You CAN find everything in the States! (Can you guess which is the cheeseburger?!)

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