Tuesday, April 10, 2012

josh on origins

As an aside, it seems that the best conversations I have with Josh are in the car...

J: Mommy, Miss Tess says that 'water' is 'up' in Filipino.
Y (not really buying it): 'Water' is 'up' in Filipino?  Well, we are going to Tita Liezel's house right now.  Let's ask her because she's Filipino.
J (pauses): Is Uncle Ed Filipino too?
Y: No, Uncle Ed is Chinese.
Y (wasn't quite sure where I was going with this): Daddy is Dutch and Mommy is Indonesian.  Do you know what that makes you?
J (after a relatively short pause): English?!
Y (after a hearty laugh): It makes you half-Dutch and half-Indonesian!
J (not really buying it): Mommy, does that mean English?

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Karmjit said...

That's hilarious!