Monday, October 31, 2011

i'm not scared

This was Josh's mantra as we headed out trick or treating tonight.  Each time we headed up the steps of a house that appeared remotely scary, he would start repeating it.  It was great!

I was impressed.  I held down the fort last year while Bri took the kids trick or treating with friends.  So, I haven't seem Josh in his trick or treating finest for a couple of years.  He seemed to have the drill down pat and quite enjoyed himself, practically running from house to house.

There was only one house that was eerily transformed, complete with music and fireworks, that Josh refused to go to. Afterwards, he started asking questions about why the house was so scary and why Hallowe'en is suppose to be scary.  I couldn't really come up with the quick answer!

I also noticed that Josh was taking in all the sights as we walked from house to house, often commenting on other costumes he saw ("Mommy, did you see that banana?!").  That was the "treat" for me.

Aves was a treat to watch, too.  It seems to be much different for the second child.  I recall Josh at Aves' age was still figuring out the trick or treat thing with his cousins.  But Aves was right into it, as long as Bri carried her to the door!  She kept saying she was scared as we approached each house, but once Bri put her on the doorstep beside Josh, she had no problems holding out her treat basket and saying trick or treat!  Very cute.


Erin Rogers said...

Avery looks so much bigger than the last time I saw her! Hmmm... guess we need to get together. :) Glad you had a good time yesterday. :)

Robbin Basra said...

The kids look great! My gosh Avery looks so big! We missed you guys on Saturday.