Thursday, April 8, 2010


Josh's first official day in pre-school was today. In a word, it went "well". I would say that with all the changes going on in our household right now, Josh is adapting amazingly well to all of it.

I am going back to work next week and Nanny Tess arrived last week. We've been going through transition for the last couple weeks and I think it's been extremely tough on all of us. Having said that, all the changes are for the better - it will just take time for my heart to catch up to my head.

It's kind of hard to verbalize how I feel right now. I think I'm just numb from the heartache of having to leave my kids each day. I know that this is the toughest part and it will get better as everyone gets adjusted. I'm trying to take everything in stride, including my spontaneous bursts of tears.

So, to focus on all the good things, Tess seems to be fitting in well with our family. I hope she is feeling as good about the fit as we do. Aves seems to have transitioned well and is quite familiar with Tess now. Josh was a bit more challenging, but I think he is coming around now.

Since we pulled Josh out of daycare, we decided to put him into pre-school so he could have continued socialization with kids his age. He is starting with 1 day a week and if it goes well, we will add a second day each week.

He said that he really liked "school" today, so I'm taking that as a good sign. It's a play-based pre-school, so it's not too far off from daycare anyway. Here is his first art project that he brought home. He's done lost of arts & crafts in the past, but since this is the first one from pre-school, I thought I would post it.


Derek said...

I found it easiest to remember that kids all learn to be away from you eventually, and doing it in little bits like the way you are makes it natural for them. Plus it will also probably be fun for them too.

Ours have now gotten old enough (12 and 10) to STAY HOME BY THEMSELVES when we go out for the evening. That's something, I tell you.

Karmjit said...

I did the same for Aaron. He had a nanny on days I worked and this year at 3.5years I enrolled him in a pre-school. I found he's better with 2days as with 1 it wad too long a gap before he went again so there were tears even though he'd have a good day. As a mum it was really, really hard to leave my baba so I totally understand...