Saturday, March 1, 2008

everybody say hi

I previously posted that we are astonished at the rate that 1-year-old's learn and understand things. I say this about Josh because he isn't much of a talker. Since he started walking at 10 months, he seems a bit more focused on doing than talking, so we give him a bit of a break!

It's amazing because at 10 months old, Josh may have been walking but his friend, Nolan, was saying the 2 syllable word "doggie". Crazy! At 15 1/2 months, Josh is barely saying 1 syllable words! Now, it is ALOT of work to make him talk, but we've heard him say "woof! woof!" when he hears a dog barking. When we say "all done" when he is done something, we think we hear mutterings along the lines of "all done" (and we'll take it!). He's been saying something that sounds like "ice" but he repeats it over and over again. I have NO idea what it means!

The 2 big words of the moment are "up" and "hi". He says "up" quite clearly and we are getting him to say it when he wants us to pick him up (we are trying to get rid of that whiny "ah, ah, ah..."!). But I think we confuse him because we say "off" too, when he is turning off the lights and such. He sometimes says a combination of "up" and "off" that sounds like "uff" (not to be confused with the "woof" of the barking dog).

Like I said, Josh picks and chooses when he'll say a word. He won't say it everytime. But this morning, he was having a "hi" moment (please excuse my awful, scraggly pyjama look)...

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The Blommesteins said...

Hi Joshie!!!! Hi, hi, hi!!