Monday, February 4, 2008

wedding bells are ringing!

Congratulations to my bro, Lenny, and his new fiancée, Tini. Lenny proposed this morning and Tini said yes! In true romantic form, Lenny prepared a picnic breakfast for Tini and then promptly woke her up to surprise her with it! Hehehe...don't wedding proposals take you back to the time when your spouse proposed (sigh!)? It's such an exciting time, isn't it?!

So now, my family, spread across North America, is preparing for a wedding! Lenny is the last of us 5 siblings to get married, so we better make it a big one! There is no date or venue yet (they haven't even been engaged for 24 hours!), but if my mom could have it her way, I bet that our family Disney cruise is looking more and more like a Disney wedding! Hahaha...

Congratulations again, Lenny and Tini!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, Congrats to Lenny and Tini from All of us here in Kissimmee. I havent got a chance to talk to Lenny yet, I hope he reads this one. We are happy for the two of you and hope that we can serve your Disney Wedding in the near future. Best wishes and congratulations!