Sunday, February 17, 2008


I used to watch movies WAY more than I do these days. I also used to watch different movie genres much more easily. These days, I find that I need to watch feel-good movies. Any movies that have disturbing, depressing or intense subject matter are just too much for me.

The last movie that I saw that was even remotely intense was Hotel Rwanda. I was on maternity leave and Josh was having a nap. It was on the movie channel and had just started so, I figured, "what the heck!". Well, I cried for most of the movie. It was an excellent movie, but just way too emotional for me!

I wasn't always like that! I've watched movies that were much more intense, violent and sad, but I guess having a baby has changed my hormones forever!

So, in the relatively light repertoire of movies I've seen lately, when I see a movie that shines, I have to blog about it. The movie Once is that movie.

Once is a low-budget Irish film described as a "modern-day musical". It is about a "guy" and a "girl" that meet in Dublin and spend a few days together trying to put together a demo CD. Being a musical, the main characters are played by musicians, not actors. I don't want to say too much about the movie because you should just watch it. It is a beautifully done movie with a wonderful soundtrack (which I have since downloaded from iTunes).

I hope you watch it. If you do, tell me what you think...

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