Wednesday, January 2, 2008

new year's purge

It was decided that to start off 2008 right, this family needed a purge. Literally. Josh got it first early on Saturday morning (the 29th). He woke up barfing and didn't stop until the early afternoon. On Sunday evening (the 30th), I got it. I barfed up my stomach contents in 2 big heaves, but didn't start eating again for 24 hours. Brian got it last and the worst. He started early Monday morning (at 3am) and was barfy for almost 24 hours. He was able to eat again 36 hours after he first felt sick.

It was a nasty bug. Brian and I do not recall each other being sick like that in the 5+ years that we have known each other. It's funny because before we got sick, I hadn't realized that there was a bug going around. Now, after we've been sick, I'm hearing from everyone that something nasty is going around (in both Vancouver and Toronto!). There were 15 people staying at my parent's place over the holidays and 8 of us caught it in some shape or form. Needless to say, I'm sure my parent's, though happy to have their family home, are relieved to have all of us germy people out of the house!

So, on the bright side, our family has effectively purged ourselves! We are ready to start 2008 off right! But I hope all of you had a better New Year's celebration than we did. Happy New Year, everyone!

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