Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 heads are better than 1

Never mind the heads, it's the bodies that I'm more concerned about! When Josh was born, I remember how hard it was and how grateful I was to have help. I remember thinking that I couldn't imagine being a single mom, doing it all on my own.

Well, for 3 weeks, I had a taste of single mom-dom. Yes, it is do-able, but much harder than having 2 of us here and I was exhausted at the end of each day! However, I wasn't on my own for 3 consecutive weeks. Brian was gone from early Monday morning until late Friday night. So, I did have time on weekends to re-charge - something a single mom doesn't get!

I found that it was so important for me to be prepared ahead of time. After Josh went to bed at night, I would clean up from the day, get his food and clothes ready for daycare the next day. Then, I would get my stuff ready for the next day and take a shower and stuff. Only after all that, would I have time to get a bit more work done - since I needed to drop off Josh and pick him up at a reasonable hour, I wasn't getting in my full 8 hours per day at work!

On my days off (because I work 3 days per week) I found that I needed the time to prepare meals, do laundry and financials, and, since this was right before Christmas, prepare for Christmas!

I could go on and on but my point is that I admire what a single parent does. I don't know that a person is meant to raise children on their own, but given those circumstances, they do what is necessary. That, in itself, is amazing.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree...2 bodies are better than one when it comes to the day to day of life and children. In my circumstance I live your three weeks for months on end while shawn works one show or another. It's gotten to the point that when he is home during the week he drives me nuts!! LOL! Good on ya for doing it tho...it definately shows you what you're made of.

Michele (Brian's cuz, Kim's sis)