Tuesday, August 28, 2007

iliad or odyssey?

A year and a half ago, I posted this entry about selling my motorcycle. Today, I'm posting an entry about our new mini-van, a Honda Odyssey. I can't believe how much life has changed in the last couple of years. In fact, I think I'm still in shock.

I said to Brian last night that I think I finally feel like an "adult". I'm not sure what it means to be an adult (is it quite simply when you reach 18 years old?! or is it when you buy your first mini-van?! Hahaha.). But this is the first time in my life where every single decision I make, I have to consider if it's best for my family first. Gone are the days where I did things solely because I wanted to do them! It may sound selfish of me, but that is the honest truth - and to make that change at 35-years-old is...monumental.

In any case, our Odyssey rocks. I'm sure Josh will look back at this posting when he's a teenager and die of embarrassment that his mom said a mini-van rocks! But seriously, it is far more luxurious than my 1997 Honda Civic and it actually still feels like I'm driving a Civic (i.e. driving a car) - except when I'm parking, of course.

We researched all the mini-vans before we bought and we test drove our shortlist. Honda definitely outshines the pack. There is something to be said about the thought that Honda engineers put into each feature. They all seem to make sense and they also push the top level of their mini-van almost into the luxury vehicle market! Yes, you do pay quite a steep price for a Honda, but after the research (and driving our mini-van for a day!), we think that it's worth it!

So, welcome to our family for the next 10 or so years, Odyssey. You will hopefully be the only mini-van that we own. I wonder what car I will want to buy in 10 years...


The Blommesteins said...

Hey Congratulations!! I can't wait to see all the little features! Have fun driving to Kelowna this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the dark side....

Happy driving Van Dop family :)

Derek said...

You'll need another minivan in 10 years at least. Ten year olds have friends, and activities, and lots of stuff. (Not to mention if you have more kids in the meantime.) While you're taking a lot of stuff with you now, you need more room as the kids gets older.

We still have a little station wagon, which does the job, but it's likely whatever we get next will be a minivan or similar.

You can look forward to another type of car after the kids move out, or at least when they start driving themselves. Then again, my dad bought his first minivan (an Odyssey too) three years ago.