Monday, August 20, 2007

90210 revival

Shortly after I went on maternity leave this past November, I discovered Beverly Hills 90210 had been syndicated by a cable channel called TVTropolis. I remember watching the show in its early run (while Brenda was still there!) when we were in school - it was part of our university life to drink while we watched 90210 before heading out to the bar. This show, Melrose Place and Friends were our staples in the early 90's.

In the weeks after Josh was born, all I seemed to do was feed him, change his diapers and sleep. Along with that, I found that I was watching 90210 when it came on in the afternoon.

I remembered many of the episodes as I watched them again and I couldn't believe that I used to watch this show so religiously! So much drama - and did we really want to dress like that some 15 years ago?!

Well, I'm 9 months into maternity leave and I can't believe that I'm still watching it. Ugh. And the worst part is that I am actually recording it on the PVR so I can watch them when I have time during Josh's naps! Someone please explain to me what psychosis is causing me to continue to watch?! I feel like I've fallen off some wagon or something - I want to stop watching it, but I can't...

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