Sunday, June 4, 2006

home sweet home!

We're back from France - we had such an amazing time (see photos here)! I just wanted to post a quick message to say we're back. In the meantime, here are thoughts to ponder:

1. I never thought that we could be completely incommunicado for 15 days! With the exception of a phone call to each of our parent's places about mid-way through the trip, we did not use the phone or internet for the entire trip.

2. Traveling while you're pregnant isn't the greatest. If I could do it again, I would have waited until I was later in my second trimester - so I could have avoided some of the nausea and fatigue.

3. Things we will miss about France:

- food and wine - I only did the wine tasting (I spit it out!) but Brian got to enjoy some good wine
- the history - Brian and I didn't realize that we would see so much history in the south of France! Thanks to our wonderful tour guide, Stefan, we got way more than we bargained for!
- the markets - the Rue Mouffetard market in Paris and the Uzes market in the south were awesome!
- the culture - from the class and sophistication in Paris to the friendliness and laid back nature in the Languedoc region, it was always such a vibrant atmosphere!
- the driving - this one is Brian's - he really enjoyed driving in the south of France. Paris was a bit nerve-wracking, but he loved the challenge anyway!

4. Things we will not miss about France:

- seafood from the Mediterranen - Brian discovered the hard way that he is likely allergic to mussels from the Mediterranean
- being away from our dog - we missed Nikita terribly!
- understanding more of the language - this one is also Brian's. I thought we did awesome, but Brian wished that he could speak and understand more.

Moto GP at Le Mans

Hanging out by Sacre Coeur after shopping!

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