Wednesday, June 21, 2006

meet Dop Van Dop

We finally have a photo to share of baby Dop Van Dop.  Already looks like baby Dop has my nose!  Ai-yah!  Needless to say, we weren't told Dop's gender, so we'll have to wait a couple of weeks for another ultrasound.  It was very exciting watching the baby move around in my stomach.  He/she is an active little one - takes after his/her dad!  Hahaha...We haven't been able to feel the baby's movement yet through my uterus (that's a Navarik joke!) but we're told that we will start to feel it soon.

The u/s technician said that according to Dop's measurements, he/she weighs in at about 10 oz.  This makes me wonder why I have gained 15 lbs!  At 20 weeks now, I am finally reaching the end of wearing my "normal" clothes.  The pants that used to fit "loosely" are now uncomfortably tight.  I also now know why they design maternity pants to not have zippers/buttons/ties in the's because you can't see it to do it up anyway!

Stay tuned as we find out more about little Dop...

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