Friday, March 10, 2006

am i neurotic?!

I often ask myself this question.  After spending what amounts to a total of 24 hours (!) searching for a hotel in Paris for 5 nights, I've concluded that, yes, I do have some neuroses.  In the end, I booked a hotel that I think fits the criteria of:

1. Located in a typical Parisien neighbourhood rather than a touristy area (it's in the Rue Monge area of the 5th arrondissement)
2. Reasonably priced (it's 79 euro a night)
3. Clean bathroom (all the reviews say the rooms are immaculate)
4. Basically, not a total dive (it's ranked 75 out of 1540 hotels in Trip Advisor)

Brian likes the hotel and I consulted my expert (Sarah Hosking, who lived in Paris for a few months last year).  So, in the end, I think I made a good choice.  I think.  Aargh...what if it's not?!  Then I wasted 24 hours of my time doing research!  And I won't have a good Parisien experience!  Oh look - there's that neurosis again...

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Anonymous said...

DATE: 3/11/2006 5:04:04 AM
I don't blame you for wanting the perfect honeymoon..I'm sure that all your neurosis will pay off in the end, but then again that's coming from a neurotic person herself!